Welkom to the site of the Chickbox!

This plastic nest box is a brand new product for your chicken house! This beautiful nest box is the only Plastic Injection Molded Nest Box System. It offers many advantages, making Poultry keeping and welfare much easier.
The Chick Box offers an improved module nest box rather than a fabricated wooden alternative, it will save hundreds of hours cleaning over the life of the poultry shed, more importantly it is a massive step forward when managing red mite, disease and bacteria within the important nesting area, and the laying hens love them. The Chickbox is very easy and it has been designed to be smooth, but non reflective inside with no corners to harbor red mite or bacteria build up. This multi functional nest box can be used in different ways. First of all it can be used as a rollout nest. The rollout nesting bottoms is supplied with the Chickbox. The big advantage is that the eggs will automatically rollout into the collection tray on the outside where they are easily visible.

This saves stressing the hens, and time, there also is an opaque lid to cover the collection tray, this helps keep the eggs clean and away from any pecking.

Another big advantage is they are more readily removed and cleaned. If you want to use the chick box as a breading nest, you just remove the rollout nest. Now the eggs stay whit the chicken and she can start breeding them in this nice and clean nest box, without worrying about red mite.

Whit this plastic nest box it is very easy to build a chicken flat, thanks to the clicking system you can easily connect the nest boxes to each other.
The Chickbox is really recommended by us and a beauty for you chicken house!